Use Scratch to Code

Scratch is a block-based programming tool that lets you create lots of different projects. It’s often one of the first programming tools children use in primary school. Raspberry Pi has great resources that will support you and your children as they develop their confidence in Scratch. Watch now:

Home teaching: High-quality, free, computing activities for students of all ages.

To help students continue their computing studies while they’re at home, Raspberry Pi Foundation is launching the ‘Home teaching’ programme as part of their work in the National Centre for Computing Education. This free support programme includes: ✅ Timetable of sequential activities ✅ Live online sessions ✅ Content covering priority topics across all Key Stages Find out more ➡️

Take a Code Break

While schools closed and students are at home, launched Code Break, a live weekly webcast where the team teaches kids at home, and offer a weekly challenge to engage students of all abilities, even those without computers. To learn more or sign up, visit: code break  

Five ways teachers are bringing computer science to their schools

The nation’s K-12 teachers are leading the way when it comes to bringing computer science to their schools. From starting a coding club to hosting an Hour of Code to using resources directly from, teachers say they’ve implemented computer science in their schools by starting with a variety of low-barrier strategies. To read more: