Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to do what you’re presenting?

No, but we present topics we think are fun, interesting, and help everyone learn a basic set of computer problem solving skills.  Most of the time, you are free to work on whatever project you are interested in, as long as it’s related to programming and not disruptive.

Can I play Minecraft or other video games?

Sorry, not during dojo time. We love games, too! But this isn’t GamerDojo, it’s CoderDojo, and we set aside this time to help people learn to build and create their own programs, including games.  We encourage you to play games at home.  We are only together for 1.5 hours, and that’s not enough time to learn if we’re playing games.

Can you show me how to install mods or other software?

Not right now, sorry!  Our mentors and volunteers cannot help you with mods, as that’s not something we are currently able to support.

Can I get some help with Arduino/robotics/Java/a new project?

Yes! Ask one of the mentors for help getting started. We also encourage you to ask your fellow Ninjas for help on your project. Our Ninjas know some pretty amazing things.

I can’t get in to CoderDojo.  It’s always full!

Tell your adult to sign up to volunteer (official volunteers help everyone but their own children).  This makes it possible for us to open registration to more Ninjas. Feel free to add more questions in the comments!  See you soon!