Barry Stump

Barry Stump has done software engineering for more than a decade, and has been a data architect for the past five years. He’s worked for LiveNation, TicketMaster, and so forth, but for eight out of the nine months WORK Petaluma’s been open, he’s been here, perfecting his wildly successful SmartRide® app, one of Time’s Top 50 Apps of 2012. The app’s gotten great reviews because Stump and his partner have done the work; day in day out, he’s at WORK logging into servers, processing data and building the app so that the new version can provide navigation directions and have up-to-the-minute agency data. After Apple’s i06 map app’s colossal failure, “punting”, as Stump puts it, the actual work of supporting public transportation directions, there’s a new emphasis on apps that help us get from here to there. One reviewer praised SmartRide® for its “Arriving NOW” message that makes you run for the bus, rather than assume that if you have 1 minute 30 seconds till arrival, you can walk. “We were talking the other day at the [Tuesday 10 am] coffee social about ‘defensible technology’,” Stump says. The real work, which makes his app’s technology defensible, has been getting the many and varied sources of transit data cleaned up and in one place so that Smart Ride can always display the best available information no matter where you are. “We’d like to be the one-stop shop for commuters and tourists”.

At WORK, besides getting all this done, Stump says he runs into interesting people, maybe helping an SEP expert with website work, or chatting with another (non-competing) app developer. Just the other day, so pleased with his WORK experience that he felt comfortable completely giving up his home office, Stump converted it into his kids’ study room. They’re home schooled, so having a dedicated space is important. And Stump gets to leave his work at WORK.


Candace Stump

I strive to empower my students’ hands and minds, ennoble their spirits, and have an incredibly great time.

I have taught children and adults for years. I am very good at it. (Details and fancy stuff below.). Before that, I worked in a cubicle. I was awful at it. I am an excellent analyst and scientist, and a poor deadline-sheriff. But I can inspire people to give their absolute best, and rejoice in what we can make.

Ultimately, I am an inspired, inspiring, incredibly creative teacher. I absolutely love what I do and for whom I do it. (Yes, I get grammar when I choose.) In the final analysis, I am excellent at what I do because I Believe in every person’s rightful journey to become their best selves. And I will do everything in my power to create an environment in which you can find – and have confidence in – the best in you.

Specialties: Gifted and talented education and development. Maker Camp Administrator, creating activities and project space for kids to explore their creative and technical skills. Yoga for athletic performance and recovery; seniors with or without injuries. Launched and running a weekly volunteer program teaching kids to code (mainly in Javascript and Python) in cooperation with the Petaluma Public Library and local professionals. Currently hosting meetings weekly in one location, launching a second location in Rincon Valley in fall of 2017.


John Crowley

Executive Director, Aqus Community, CauseSocial Services
Aqus Community is 501c3 Nonprofit social community network that promotes personal and societal well-being. Through social gatherings and events, we provide opportunities for people to connect, build relationships and realize a sense of belonging.


Joseph Coffland

Joseph earned a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Boise State University in 2000. In 2002, he founded the software consulting company Cauldron Development LLC through which he has developed embedded systems under contract with companies such as Hewlett Packard, Wabtec and Ugobe. He has extensive experience with simulation systems having developed a hardware/software simulator for the University of Amsterdam, a cell simulator for the University of Notre Dame, the Open-Source CNC simulator CAMotics and acting as the lead developer for the Folding@home project for more than ten years.  In 2015, in partnership with Doug Coffland, he founded Buildbotics LLC.


Scott McCreary

Test Engineer at Xandex Inc in Petaluma. Software developer for open source project Haiku, Haikuports and HaikuArchives. Haiku mentor for Google Summer of Code 2009-present, and Google Code-In 2010-present. Tux4Kids mentor for Google Summer of Code 2013.